4″x5″ Corrugated Downspouts

Garrety 4 inch x 5 inch downspout

In the realm of downspouts, where functionality meets aesthetics, the 4×5 corrugated downspout emerges as a standout choice. We recognize the demand for a more decorative feel without compromising efficiency. Look into the distinctive features that make our 4×5 corrugated downspout an ideal solution for draining larger volumes of water.


A Softer Look for Commercial Appeal

For commercial applications where a more decorative feel is desired, our 4×5 corrugated downspout takes center stage. Its design offers a softer aesthetic, seamlessly blending with the architecture of commercial structures aiming for a more welcoming ambiance.

Ideal for Larger Water Volumes

When faced with the task of draining a substantial volume of water, our 4×5 corrugated downspout proves to be the perfect choice. Its larger dimensions enhance water flow capacity, ensuring efficient drainage even in areas prone to heavy rainfall or excessive water runoff.


Effortless Installation with Corrugation

Corrugated downspouts, including our 4×5 variant, are celebrated for their ease and speed of installation. The corrugated design not only adds strength to the downspout but also simplifies the installation process. This is particularly advantageous for those looking for a quick and hassle-free solution.


A Marriage of Form and Functionality

Our 4×5 corrugated downspout represents the harmonious union of form and functionality. While catering to practical drainage needs, it adds a touch of elegance to commercial applications. This makes it a versatile choice for property owners and designers seeking both efficiency and visual appeal.


Maintenance Made Simple

Beyond its initial installation benefits, our 4×5 corrugated downspout requires minimal maintenance. The corrugated design not only aids in efficient water flow but also reduces the likelihood of debris buildup. This feature contributes to a downspout system that remains effective over time with less effort in upkeep.


Elevate Your Drainage with 4×5 Corrugated Downspouts

Our 4×5 corrugated downspout emerges as a standout solution for those seeking both efficiency and charm in their drainage systems. The decorative look, increased water volume capacity, ease of installation, and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for various commercial applications. We understand the importance of seamlessly integrating functionality and aesthetics, and our 4 x 5 corrugated downspout is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for all your drainage needs. 

Available Materials and Finishes



  • .032 Aluminum
  • .040 Aluminum 
  • 24 Gauge Steel
  • 16 oz. Copper



  • High-Performance Kynar 500® PVDF Fluoropolymer-Based Coating
  • Copper


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