Downspout Straps

Downspout straps are available for our box, round, and corrugated downspout. All Garrety Manufacturing downspout straps are made to order per your exact specifications. Straps can be made to any specific dimensional requirements, either hemmed or unhemmed.


  •       .032 Aluminum: Lighter weight and durable- an excellent choice for smaller girth downspouts.
  •       .040 Aluminum: Twenty five percent thicker than .032 aluminum, most often used with medium to larger size downspouts.
  •       .050 Aluminum: Our strongest aluminum strap, this is a great choice for areas of high pedestrian traffic and harsh weather conditions.
  •       22 Gauge Steel: A sturdy strap that withstands the worst weather conditions.
  •       24 Gauge Steel: A great option for most jobs requiring steel.
  •       16 oz. Copper: Provides an elegant look to smaller girth copper downspouts.
  •       20 oz. Copper: The preferred choice for large girth copper downspout. It also provides a classic look preferred by architects and design professionals.

Available Finishes:

  •       High-Performance Kynar 500® PVDF Fluoropolymer-Based Coating: Like our downspouts, our straps are finished with the same advanced materials known for their color retention and weather resistance.
  •       Copper: The elegant look of copper downspouts is enhanced by the addition of classic copper straps.

We specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of your commercial or industrial project. For your gutter strap needs, call today to get a quote.